IELTS Speaking Part 2


Describe a city or town you have been to
You should say:

• Where it is
• When you visited it
• What you did there
And explain why you like it


I’d like to talk about Singapore, one of several cities I have visited and really enjoyed. I vacationed in this wonderful city last summer with my sister, Min, and we stayed there for 5 days.

Singapore is a state-city located to the southeast of Vietnam and it took us only 2 hours to fly there from Hanoi.

When I arrived in Singapore, I was quite impressed by the way the city looked. The streets were incredibly clean, I could walk around the city all day and come back home without any dirt on my shoes. During my stay in Singapore, I did some shopping and visited some famous landmarks like the Merlion statue, Singapore zoo and the botanical gardens.

For me, Singapore is well worth visiting for many reasons. Firstly, the public transport system in Singapore is extremely reliable. People don’t have to spend hours waiting for buses or trains, and the staff are very friendly and helpful. Another thing that I miss about Singapore is its multi-cultural nature. During the 5 days that I spent in Singapore, I bumped into people from many different countries. English is the first language of this
country so it was great to get the chance to practice my English-speaking skills with the local people and also other tourists. Five days in Singapore passed by so fast that I wish I could’ve stayed a bit longer.

Vocabulary highlights:

1. vacationed – went on holiday

2. state-city – a small independent country that usually consists of a single city

3. impressed by – have a positive effect or influence on your feeling about something

4. incredibly – very

5. famous landmarks – popular interesting or important places in a city or country

6. zoo – a place where animals are kept in cages for people to see

7. botanical gardens – a park where plants and trees are grown for people to see and scientific study

8. well worth visiting – a place that is good to visit

9. multi-cultural nature – has a lot of culture from different countries or societies

10. bumped into – to meet someone accidently

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