IELTS Speaking Part 2


Describe a crowded place
You should say:

• Where it was
• When you went there
• What you did there
And explain how you felt about the crowded place.


I would like to talk about my recent trip to Ba Den pagoda, which was an experience that I always remember due to the massive amount of visitors that I encountered while I was there.

So usually, during the Tet holiday, my family often drives to Tay Ninh province to visit my grandfather and last year we decided to take a short trip to Ba Den pagoda on Ba Den Mountain.

Before getting on the cable car to go up to the pagoda, I thought that maybe there might be a lot of Buddhist worshippers up there, as this sacred place tends to attract countless visitors all year round, let alone during Tet, which is the biggest holiday in Vietnam. And, I was right. There were people with flowers and candles everywhere. On one corner, lines of people were trying to light their incense sticks, and inside the pagoda many people were kneeling and praying with their eyes closed. It was pretty hard for us to even find any room to stand.

But, in the end, we successfully managed to find a way through the crowd and got close to the worshipping place, however my grandfather stayed outside as he can’t stand all the smoke and lack of oxygen.

You know, although I understand that most Vietnamese people enjoy going to pagodas and temples during these special days of the year to wish for good luck, and well-being and happiness, I really don’t think I’ll be doing that again anytime soon.

Vocabulary highlights:

1. encountered – to meet someone or something unexpectedly

2. countless – a lot of, too many to count

3. let alone – not to mention (used to make a comparison)

4. kneeling – to be on your knees

5. well-being – the state of good mental and physical health

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