IELTS Speaking Part 2


Describe a difficult choice that you made.
You should say:

• what the choice was
• when this happened
• what choice you made
And explain why the choice was a difficult one.


So I’m going to talk about a situation when I found it really difficult to make up my mind. It was when I was a child, about ten years ago, and my parents weren’t getting on well with each other, which made the atmosphere at home really terrible. In the end, they got divorced, but I didn’t know whom I should go to live with, my mom or my dad.

That was a really difficult time in life for me because so many things changed, mostly in a negative way. I had a difficult time to choose who to live with because I loved both of my parents and we had had many unforgettable memories together. So to solve this matter, our family spent a long time discussing it and deciding on the best option for me.

Finally, I chose to stay with my mom because she could take better care of me and she needed my support after the divorce. Though my dad felt upset, he agreed with my choice, for my sake. You know, I believe that was not only a tough choice for me but also for my parents as well.

I always want to live under the same roof as both my parents, so choosing just one person to live with was a hard thing for me. Not being able to see my dad every day made me feel sad, so that was one of the toughest choices I have ever had to make.

Vocabulary highlights:

1. make up my mind – decided to

2. getting on well with each other – having a good relationship

3. divorced – when a husband and wife are separated ie. opposite of getting married

4. solve – to find an answer to a problem

5. matter – problem

6. upset – to be angry or unhappy

7. for my sake – for my benefit

8. live under the same roof – to live in the same house

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