IELTS Speaking Part 2


Describe a dinner you enjoyed with your friends.
You should say:

• when and where you had the dinner
• what you had
• who you went with
and explain why you enjoyed the dinner.


I have had many meals and taken part in many celebrations and parties over the years but among these, there’s one particular time that I remember the most. A few months ago, I went to a barbeque party on the rooftop of one of my friends’ homes. It was actually a farewell party for my best friend since she was going to study abroad, and the meal and the party were both really fantastic.

We had been planning this party for a long time and so on the day, we gathered at my friend’s house and all went shopping and prepared everything together. We had a lot of amazing food that night as my best friend has a real talent for cooking. Thanks to her secret recipe, all the meat was marinated and seasoned perfectly and the taste was simply delicious. Besides the main dishes, a lot of drinks and snacks were served too. I myself enjoyed the dessert the most. It was a fluffy red velvet cake with a classic cream cheese frosting. We bought that from a famous bakery in Hanoi and it was worth every penny.

So we ate the grilled meat, drank beer and chatted the whole evening. During the dinner, we talked about our future, our funniest memories together and everybody had a real blast. There’s no doubt that it could be quite a long time until we can all gather like that again, so that party is very memorable to me.

Vocabulary highlights:

1. farewell party – a party to say goodbye to someone

2. talent for – a natural or good ability to do something

3. marinated – to soak something in herbs, spices and/or flavourings

4. seasoned – to improve the flavour of something by adding salt, herbs and/or spices

5. frosting – the sweet layer on top of a cake

6. worth every penny – it was worth the money that was spent

7. a real blast – a good time

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