IELTS Speaking Part 2


Describe a family member who has had an important influence on you
You should say:

• Who the person is;
• What kind of person he or she is;
• What this person has done to influence you;
And explain why you think this person is important to you.


I am going to talk about my mother who has played an essential role in my life. She is my guardian, my friend and my role model.

My mother is in her forties now, but she still maintains a youthful look. In terms of personality, she is an extremely compassionate and kind-hearted person who always takes care of her children. She really is a mother and a friend to me as she always gives me valuable advice and is willing to stand by me through all the ups and downs of my life. Although sometimes she drives me crazy due to her being a perfectionist, I still hold
so much pride and respect for her.

I am also influenced by her strong-will. Ever since she was young, she had to learn to be independent as my grandparents were very busy and constantly on the go. She had to take care of almost everything: her younger brother, household chores and herself. Such challenges shaped her into the strong person that she is now.

Her determination, as well as her perseverance, are really something for us to look up to. And I keep reminding myself every day to be as strong as my mother, a real-life “wonder woman.”

Vocabulary highlights:

1. an essential role – a necessary part

2. guardian – someone who protects you

3. role model – someone to admire or look up to

4. maintains a youthful look – to keep looking young

5. compassionate – to understand and care about someone

6. kind-hearted – to be a kind or nice person to others

7. to stand by someone – to support or help someone

8. the ups and downs – the good and bad times

9. drives me crazy – to repair and improve something eg. a building

10. strong-will – to be determined, not give up easily

11. independent – to look after or think for yourself or to not be controlled by others

12. on the go – always doing something or going somewhere

13. shaped her – changed her or made her that way

14. determination – to not let anything stop you from doing what you have decided to do

15. perseverance – to continue trying to achieve something

16. a real-life “wonder woman” – someone who really helps you or saves you

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