IELTS Speaking Part 2


Describe a famous person that you are interested in
You should say:

• who this person is
• how you know about this person
• how this person became famous
And explain why you like this person.


I am going to tell you about a well-known physicist whose biography recently really caught my attention. He is a house-hold name around the world, Albert Einstein.

He is recognized as the father of modern physics and he was the founder of the Theory of Relativity, which became an essential, if not the most important, contribution to modern science. He was also awarded the Nobel Physics prize thanks to this discovery.

Besides knowing him due to his many achievements, I did come across and read a biography of him on the internet which really intrigued me and contained a lot of information that made me admire him a lot. His childhood was not as carefree as I initially thought and I was totally impressed by his perseverance and dedication to science despite having communication problems at a very young age.

I love how Albert Einstein lived and worked with passion and enthusiasm all his life, which, I feel is a shining example and a great inspiration for me to follow. Albert was hunted by the Nazi’s for most of his adult life, yet he never abandoned his love for science and kept working even when he was running to protect himself.

So, in other words, he really inspired me to pursue my goals and dreams with all I that I have, despite any difficulties that I may come across along the way.

Vocabulary highlights:

1. caught my attention – attracted my attention or made me look or take notice of something

2. a house-hold name – a commonly known famous person

3. founder – someone who creates or starts something

4. come across – to find or discover something

5. biography – the story about the life of a person written by someone else

6. intrigued – to be very interested by something unusual or unexpected

7. carefree – to have no worries

8. perseverance – to continue trying to achieve something

9. dedication – a large amount of time and effort spent doing something important

10. enthusiasm – a feeling of energetic interest

11. a shining example – a very good or perfect example of something

12. hunted – to chase something to kill or catch it

13. abandoned – to leave someone or something behind

14. pursue – to chase or follow someone or something

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