IELTS Speaking Part 2


Describe a foreign food you would like to try.
You should say:

• What it is
• Where you can eat it
• How you know about this food
And explain why you would like to try it.


Today I would like to tell you about crepes, one of the most popular French street foods that I have been longing to try.

I first became interested in this food after learning about it through a TV program that I watched about a year ago on different cultures around the world. The show gave a really detailed description of how to prepare this dish, what ingredients are required, the different stuffings that are used to make different types of crepes, and why this food is so closely related to French culture. I was watching with utmost interest and attention and
immediately jumped onto my computer to do some more research about it after the show ended.

It’s said that, walking around Paris you can locate street stands selling crepes everywhere and that this dish is a really tasty afternoon snack to indulge in before dinner without ruining your appetite. And even though it is not that hard to find a crepe shop in Hanoi, I believe the taste cannot be compared to the authentic recipe that only street stands or restaurants in France are capable of delivering.

Since watching this program, the idea of walking down the street in Paris while enjoying a delicious crepe has been on the top of my wish-list ever since, and I’ve been saving up money recently hoping that I get to fulfil this dream sometime soon.

Vocabulary highlights:

1. longing to – a strong want or desire to

2. utmost – greatest or most

3. to indulge in – to allow yourself to enjoy something

4. ruining your appetite – to eat something before a meal that makes you not feel hungry anymore

5. authentic – real or genuine, to not be fake

6. capable of delivering – able to offer or achieve

7. wish-list – a list of things someone wants to have or do

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