IELTS Speaking Part 2


Describe a happy family event that you remember well
You should say:

• what the event was
• when and where it happened
• What you saw or did
and explain why you remember this event so well.


Well, this is a very nice topic for me and I would love to talk about one of my most memorable childhood events that I had with my family. The celebration was to welcome a new member to our family, the birth of my nephew. My eldest sister gave birth to a beautiful and healthy baby boy and he was the first grandchild of my parents.

After seeing the newborn baby for the first time, my father declared that this was a really special occasion and that we must celebrate to welcome the newest member into our family. So we all got to work straight away organising and planning for the party, my parents set out to invite all the guests and do the necessary shopping while my grandmother and sister cooked a lot of delicious food.

I was so happy and excited that when the gorgeous baby arrived, I didn’t leave his side. I wanted to be near him and play with him all the time but he was still so small that he couldn’t play with any of the toys I had given him. But it didn’t really matter because I could just stare at his cute face all day long anyway.

It really was a day full of happiness, amazement and celebration. The arrival of a beautiful baby into the family had brought us all together. Many friends and relatives turned up for the occasion, and it was definitely a very happy event for our whole family, close friends and relatives.

Vocabulary highlights:

1. nephew – the son of your brother or sister

2. declared – to announce or express something clearly

3. gorgeous – very beautiful or attractive

4. amazement – extreme surprise

5. turned up – to arrive

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