IELTS Speaking Part 2


Describe a kind of music or a song
You should say:

• What kind of music it is
• Where you usually listen to it
• Why you like it
And say what kind of mood this music puts you in.


I like to think of myself as a lover of music that is kind of sentimental and romantic. I love to listen to many different music genres, but the one that I particularly enjoy the most is ballads. It is the genre that consists of slow tempo, sad vibes and heart-breaking lyrics.

I usually listen to these kinds of song on my computer or on my MP3 player with my headphones on, so you can basically see me listening to ballads pretty much all of the time, and just about anywhere. I am quite a sensitive guy, so whenever I feel sad, I just turn on my MP3 player and let the melody express my feelings.

Ballads give me a sense of nostalgia, and make me remember about wonderful memories from the past with special people. Every time a ballad is played, I remember my childhood, the sweet memories and the reckless moments I had with my friends, my ex-lovers and my family. This genre is the key that opens up the door to my past. I love it with all of my heart.

This music puts me in a sad yet charming mood. I feel sad that the past days are gone and yet I wonder about the many future moments I’ll have with special people. Furthermore, if I fall asleep while listening to a ballad, I can dream of those memories and feel slightly happy when I wake up. It really has everything that I seek for when it comes to a music genre.

Vocabulary highlights:

1. sentimental – related to feelings or emotions

2. genres – a particular style or subject of something

3. tempo – the speed of something

4. vibes – energy, mood or feeling that something or someone has

5. nostalgia – happy or sad feelings related to something from the past

6. reckless – to not be careful

7. opens up the door to my past – helps me to remember the past

8. charming – very nice or pleasant

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