IELTS Speaking Part 2


Describe a lesson that you enjoyed
You should say:

• When it was
• What it was about
• What happened
And explain why you liked it.


Well, I would like to share with you about a really pleasant experience in an English class I had at my university.

During one of our grammar lessons, the regular teacher was sick so the school had to send in a teacher to cover her place. And the substitute teacher, Thomas Hall, delivered an amazing lecture in English about how he thinks we should all learn languages through watching films.

Throughout the two hours, he explained to us the process of learning a language and how films can serve as an effective way to immerse yourself in a language. Basic elements like vocabulary and grammar can be easily absorbed if we focus on dialog in a TV show, and so in the long run, our overall language skills can be improved. This method helps us to learn any language effortlessly and in a short period of time.

At first, we were all sceptical about the ideas he introduced, however, after watching a short video to practice and doing a trial test, we were all convinced that learning by watching movies was not hard at all and we could apply this to enhance our performance at school.

I enjoyed this lesson so much because I find this method to be particularly effective for me. I always felt unmotivated when learning by traditional methods and my results were never desirable. But when I tried learning English using my favourite movies, you know what? My English got better and better and very soon I was able to remember thousands of new words and write really complicated essays. Now, I can even proudly say that I have mastered the English language.

Vocabulary highlights:

1. pleasant – enjoyable or nice

2. substitute – to use something or someone instead of something else

3. serve –be used

4. immerse – to be completely involved or surrounded by something

5. elements – a part of something

6. absorbed – very interested in something

7. focus – to concentrate on something

8. dialog – the conversation or words that are spoken

9. the long run – after or over a long period of time

10. effortlessly – easily, without trying

11. sceptical – to doubt something

12. trial – a practise test to see if something works

13. enhance – to make better or improve

14. unmotivated – to not want to do something

15. desirable – the result or affect that is wanted

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