IELTS Speaking Part 2


Describe a new friend you’ve made recently
You should say:

• Who the person is
• What kind of person he/she is
• How you met this person
And explain why you made friends with him/her


I am going to talk about Mrs. Kim who is a lovely lady that I recently befriended.

I started college life 3 months ago and on my first day of school I was unable to navigate my way to my new university where I was studying. Google Maps wasn’t really as helpful as I thought it would be and I couldn’t figure out the way by asking the locals either. So, after many hours of wandering around, I finally resorted to asking a lady who was selling noodles from a food cart near where I was standing. I asked the lady if she knew
the way to the HCMC University of Education, and she just smiled and pointed at the large, five-story building across the road. Turns out I was there all along! So, after thanking the lady, we had a little chat and I found out she also came from Ninh Thuan, which is my hometown! We immediately became good friends and now her food cart has become my favourite lunch spot whenever I’m at university.

So I guess the main reason that Mrs. Kim and I have become good friends is basically because I think she’s a really sweet lady. As I’ve gotten to know her better I’ve realized that she’s had quite a tough life, yet she has managed to maintain a sweet and gentle personality that many other women who have been through struggles like her would have lost by now. I guess the other reason we get on so well is because we share the
same hometown, and I tend to get on well with people from my hometown. Sometimes I think the best friendships are made so unexpectedly.

Vocabulary highlights:

1. Befriended – to make friends with

2. college life – student or university life

3. navigate my way to – to find my way

4. figure out the way – to find my way

5. wandering around – walking around without a fixed route or destination

6. resorted to – to do something because there is no other option

7. turns out – prove to be true, what actually happened

8. all along – the whole time

9. lunch spot – a place to eat lunch like a café, restaurant or food cart

10. a tough life – a challenging or difficult life

11. to get on well with – to have a good relationship with someone

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