IELTS Speaking Part 2


Describe a new skill you would like to learn
You should say:

• What it is
• Who you want to learn it from
• How you are going to learn it
And explain why you want to learn it.


Today I would like to share with you about a skill I have always desired to learn, which is speaking German.

A couple of years ago I had such a fantastic trip to Europe, and I was deeply impressed by the beauty, uniqueness and modern style of the capital city, Berlin. I was wandering around all over the city in many different shopping malls to find my dad his favourite black Nike coat. I was fortunate enough to finally find it in the Kaufland shopping mall, however, when I flew back to Vietnam, I realized that I had bought the female
size. So it was after that incident that I decided to try my hand at learning German.

The first reason that makes German such an attractive language to learn is that it is pretty much the second most common language spoken in Europe, for example, in Denmark, Hungary, Poland, Austria, and so on. And secondly, German bears a close resemblance to English, and shares pretty much the same alphabet, so I think that might make it a little easier to learn. Additionally, if I learn German, in the future I could certainly apply for
a scholarship to study in Germany’s great education system.

I think learning a new language can also be really handy when travelling, can make you more decisive and can bring you multitudes of cognitive advantages such as becoming smarter and avoiding Alzheimer’s disease when you get older. And last but not least, I think life would be much more exciting if you can speak multiple languages.

So, sometime in the near future, if I can handle my work and study load, I’d love to give learning German a go.

Vocabulary highlights:

1. deeply impressed by – having a very strong positive effect or influence on your feeling about something

2. uniqueness – one of a kind, or rare

3. wandering around – walking around without a fixed route or destination

4. incident – an event, usually unpleasant

5. try my hand – to try something

6. bears a close resemblance – is similar to

7. handy – useful

8. decisive – the ability to make decisions

9. multitudes – many, a lot of

10. cognitive advantages – benefits for your brain

11. handle – deal with

12. to give learning German a go – to try to do or learn something

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