IELTS Speaking Part 2


Describe a place where you want to work
You should say:

• where it is
• what kind of work you would like to do
• when you would like to work there
And explain why you want to work in this place.


Well, the place that I have always wanted to work but have yet had the chance to visit is Tokyo, the capital city of Japan.

I have been dreaming to work in this city ever since I learned about it from a travel and lifestyle channel. And even though it is considered as a major cosmopolitan city, I’m always amazed at its ability to preserve the cultural aspect of Japan. The existence of such marvellous temples in the centre of the city, or the sight of Japanese women wearing kimonos just seems quite amazing to me. Apart from this, the city where I live,
Hanoi, is currently suffering from a serious air pollution problem, so it would be a nice break to be able to find a job in one of the cleaner countries in the world.

Recently, there have been many agencies and organizations that help to assist undergraduates or newly-graduated students to find employment in Japan, and so if everything goes according to plan, in about 6 months I will start working as a marketing intern for an English centre located in Ginza, which is one of the busiest streets in Tokyo. Fingers crossed that everything goes according to plan and I am able to enter a completely new phase in my life.

Vocabulary highlights:

1. cosmopolitan – containing people or things from many different parts of the world

2. cultural aspect – to do with the ideas, beliefs, traditions and behaviour of a society

3. marvellous – extremely good

4. kimonos – traditional Japanese clothing

5. undergraduates – students who have not yet graduated from university yet

6. goes according to plan – follows the plan

7. fingers crossed – a phrase that is used to wish for good luck

8. enter a completely new phase in my life – to start a new big change in your life eg. a new job or move to a new city

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