IELTS Speaking Part 2


Describe a popular place
You should say:

• Where is this place?
• When did you first visit this place?
• How often do you go to this place?
And explain why it is so popular.


So, today I am going to talk about an outstanding swimming pool called, the Four Seasons, which attracts around a thousand people a day and many consider this to be the most popular pool in the city.

Four Seasons is an indoor public pool located in my local sports complex. The reason why the pool is called Four Seasons is because it’s a heated pool and people can go there to enjoy the warm water all year round.

As you may know, swimming is now becoming quite a popular exercise and recreational activity for people of all ages in Hanoi, and I also took swimming lessons through my time at school. However, it was not until about a year ago that I started to pay regular visits to this pool, and all thanks to my best friend for introducing me to this wonderful place.

So, I think that Four Seasons is such a popular place for several reasons. Firstly, safety is their highest priorityand there’s always a well-trained lifeguard there to instruct the pool safety rules and perform any water rescues if necessary. Secondly, the quality of the facilities is excellent. The pool is nicely heated and regularly sanitized. There are also clean changing rooms with showers and big lockers for all your clothes and other belongings, and I think that all of this creates the best experience for the people that go there to swim. I believe that the Four Seasons swimming pool totally deserves its great reputation.

Vocabulary highlights:

1. outstanding – very good, or excellent

2. sports complex – a building or group of buildings with different sporting facilities

3. heated pool – a swimming pool with warm water

4. recreational activity – an activity that is done for fun, to relax or for leisure

5. pay regular visits – to go often

6. highest priority – the most important thing

7. instruct the pool safety rules – make sure people follow the rules and act safely

8. perform – to do an action

9. water rescues – to save someone who is drowning

10. sanitized – when something is completely clean

11. reputation – the general opinion of someone or something

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