IELTS Speaking Part 2


Describe a situation when someone made noise
You should say:

• when it happened
• who made the noise
• where it was
And explain how you felt about it.


So I’m going to talk about when my neighbour made a lot of noise when he renovated his house a few months ago. The noise of the drills, hammers and other power tools during the daytime was really annoying.

I heard that a newcomer had bought the house next to mine and because of some problems with water leakage; he had made up his mind to do some repairs and renovations to the house, and after that, the noise of hammers, saws, and drills seemed to be endless around my house all day long, even on the weekends. My neighbour wanted to live in his house as soon as possible so he would start the work early every morning, and that made my family members and I wake up earlier than usual.

During this time I felt extremely exhausted and I really wanted to make a complaint so that my neighbour would take some actions but his house renovations were legal so there was nothing I could do. Hearing the noise all the time drove me crazy, and had quite a negative impact on my work.

Sometimes I was sleepless all night. But luckily, after about a month or so, my neighbour finished the renovations and the terrible construction noises ceased. I finally felt relieved!

Vocabulary highlights:

1. renovated – to repair and improve something eg. a building

2. drills, hammers , power tools – building tools

3. newcomer – someone new to the area or place

4. made up his mind – decided to

5. repairs and renovations – to fix something and make it better

6. seemed to be endless – felt like it never stopped or ended

7. exhausted – very tired or low energy

8. legal – to do with the law

9. drove me crazy – to be angry or annoyed by something

10. sleepless – couldn’t sleep

11. ceased – stopped

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