IELTS Speaking Part 2


Describe a special trip in the near future
You should say:

• When it will possibly be
• Where you would go
• What preparation you need for the trip
And explain why this would be a special trip.


Travelling is what I enjoy the most in life and I’ve now visited most of the famous places in Vietnam. However, most of my trips were always with my friends, so now I really want to do something different and take my parents on a very special trip to visit Thien Cam beach.

We will probably take this trip next June I think. At that time of year, there won’t be any school for me so things will be much easier to plan. My parents are also very excited about the trip and are really looking forward to it.

Thien Cam is the largest beach in Vietnam and is quite a popular tourist destination, famous for its big waves. It is located in the central part of the country, which is not really too far from where we currently live. When we arrive, aside from enjoying the beach, we will probably visit some other tourist attractions around the area, and I guess that during the trip we will probably get some souvenirs for our relatives as well.

In terms of the preparation, we are planning to go there by train so that we can enjoy the scenic beauty of our country along the way. Of course we’ll probably have to book a hotel in advance, and bring our swimsuits, sunscreen and summer clothes. Another important thing to remember to bring is medicines, just in case someone gets sick.

So, the main reason this will be a special trip I guess is because my parents will be with me and this will be the first time they visit this place. Having my parents there with me will really make it special because it’s been more than 7 years since we took a holiday together.

Vocabulary highlights:

1. looking forward to it – excited about the future

2. tourist destination – a popular place for tourists to visit

3. souvenirs – gifts that tourists buy to remember a place

4. scenic beauty – beautiful natural environmental surroundings eg. mountains, rivers, lakes etc

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