IELTS Speaking Part 2


Describe a time when you were not allowed to use your cell phone
You should say:

• Where you were
• When it happened
• What you were doing
And why you were not allowed to use your cell phone.


Well, I think that mobile phones have now become the must-have item for everybody in daily life, so much so that we somehow feel we can’t live without them. I always remember the one time that I had to be apart from my phone when I was sitting my high school graduation exam 2 years ago, and I have to say it was quite uncomfortable.

So, my high school graduation exam is a mandatory examination that students have to take at the end of grade 12 to get their diploma and their score is what determines their ability to enter into university. It’s one of the most important events in a students’ life, I guess, because it not only pretty much shapes their future but also helps to reassure their value in themselves.

And of course, cell phones are not allowed in the test, to ensure that no one gets an unfair advantage by cheating. If your phone makes a noise, or if you are seen using it at any time, including during breaks, you may be dismissed from the examination immediately, and your scores will be cancelled without exception.

I myself had a bad habit of always going on the internet on my phone to make sure I got the right answers when doing the practice tests at home, so during the exam, I constantly had a burning desire to reach for my phone but obviously it was just a thought and I didn’t dare to do it. However the feelings of uncertainty about my results were haunting me and made me really nervous, and it wasn’t until I handed in my papers and checked the answers when I got home, was I able to feel calm again.

From this experience, I realized that I do rely too much on my phone. And although it’s a great tool to assist studying I do think we should learn how to be more confident in ourselves and our knowledge without having to look at our phones all the time.

Vocabulary highlights:

1. must-have item – something necessary

2. mandatory – necessary or compulsory, must be done

3. shapes their future – determines their future opportunities

4. reassure their value – makes them feel good about themselves

5. unfair advantage – to have something that other’s don’t that helps you to do something

6. burning desire – a strong feeling to do something

7. uncertainty – not sure of

8. haunting – staying in your mind, or scaring you

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