IELTS Speaking Part 2


Describe a useful website that you often visit.
You should say:

• What the contents of this website are
• How you first found this website
• How often you visit this website
And explain how this website helps you.


So, if there is anything that I miss about America, it would definitely be Netflix. I am really into TV series, you know, especially the DC comic series like the Flash, Green Arrow and Super-girl. Netflix is the world’s leading internet television network but it’s still unauthorized in Vietnam, so I found my first few months at home really quite unbearable.

Fortunately though, Minh, my good friend and saviour, saved me from this dilemma by introducing me to an unbelievable website called So basically, the website’s owners, who apparently are also real movie buffs, manage to get the hottest new shows from around the world and upload them on a daily basis for Vietnamese viewers for, if you can believe it, absolutely no charge whatsoever. possesses unlimited access to not only my favourite tv series’ but also many other shows on my movies-to-watch list including things like Game of Thrones and Sherlock Homes. Since this discovery, I’ve become addicted to the website and am a daily visitor.

In conclusion, is a real lifesaver and honestly, I don’t think I could put up with all the stress and assignments in my life without my daily dosage of films from

Vocabulary highlights:

1. world’s leading – the best or most popular in the world

2. unauthorized – not allowed, or without permission

3. unbearable – too painful or unpleasant to continue doing or watching

4. saviour – a person who saves someone from harm or danger

5. dilemma – a situation when a difficult choice has to be made

6. unbelievable – very surprising

7. movie buffs – a person who knows a lot about and is very interested in films

8. on a daily basis – everyday

9. absolutely no charge whatsoever – free

10. possesses – to have or own something

11. movies-to-watch list – a list of films that you want to watch

12. daily dosage – the amount of medicine you should take each day

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