IELTS Speaking Part 2


Describe one activity stopped by the weather
You should say:

• When and where it happened
• Who was involved
• What the activity was
And what you did after the activity was stopped.


Anyone who is a big fan of tennis definitely knows the name of tennis legend Novak Djokovic. And today I’m going to tell you about the story of how I skipped school to watch the big game that didn’t happen between Novak Djokovic and Dominic Thiem at the 2017 Roland Garros.

You know, I’ve been fascinated by the wonderful world of tennis since I first discovered the sport. My dad and I would always just sit around like a pair of couch potatoes whenever a big tennis competition was on. Novak has long been my hero on the court while my father has always been a big fan of Roger Federer. I always love watching a tennis match with my favourite player, whether he wins or loses, and I still love him either way because that’s just the way things go sometimes. I still admire his sportsmanship and talent and the way he elegantly yet powerfully moves on the court.

On this particular day though of the quarterfinals Novak had to defeat Thiem to go through to the semi-final and I was so excited to watch this game because Novak had previously lost the Roland Garros cup before two years in a row. Unfortunately, I had an unavoidable mid-term test that day which meant it was impossible for me to watch the game live. But after wrestling with my conscience, I decided to tell a lie to my dad so that I could stay at home to watch the match. However, the weather in Paris that day turned out to be so terrible that the game was cancelled.

I felt so guilty when I found out that the game was cancelled, and I got into big trouble by my dad for not showing up to take the mid-term test at school.

Vocabulary highlights:

1. a big fan of – really like something

2. legend – somebody who is famous or admired, a hero

3. skipped school – didn’t go to school

4. the big game – a sporting match that is important or will be watched by many people

5. couch potatoes – someone who watches a lot of television and does very little exercise

6. just the way things go – the way something happens

7. sportsmanship – the quality of showing fairness and respect while playing sport

8. talent – a natural or good ability to do something

9. elegantly – done gracefully or beautifully

10. defeat – to beat or win against

11. unavoidable – cannot be stopped

12. live – shown or broadcast as it is happening

13. wrestling with my conscience – struggling to make a decision because you know you are or might be doing something wrong

14. showing up – going or being somewhere

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