IELTS Speaking Part 2


Describe two people from the same family
You should say:

• Who they are
• How you know them
• If they look a-like
And if you like spending time with them.


Today, I am going to talk about the twin sisters that live next-door to my apartment.

The twins moved into the apartment about one year ago with their parents. We came to know each other when the electricity in our building was cut off one evening and unfortunately, I had run out of candles and my torch was nowhere to be found. So I had to go to the apartment next door to ask for some candles, and this was when I first met them. They were extremely helpful and enthusiastic and they even let me stay at their
place until the power was back on. I was really grateful for their help and a few days later, I made some snacks for them as a thank-you gift and invited them over to my place for a sleep-over. Since then, we have become really close friends.

Even though they are twins, they look nothing alike. The older one has a short, bob haircut and a real mischievous grin. A true social butterfly, I would say. Meanwhile, her younger sister always ties her long straight hair into a ponytail with a ribbon and always has a very sheepish look on her face and is a bit more shy and reserved. Despite the different vibes that each one has, they both are very mentally and physically attractive in their own unique ways.

Ever since the twins came into my life, sleepovers and movie marathons have become a regular activity every weekend, and the talk never gets boring because each of them has such a different personality. I hope my friendship with them lasts a lifetime.

Vocabulary highlights:

1. cut off – to be disconnected

2. grateful – to be very thankful

3. a sleep-over – to visit a friend’s house to socialise and sleep there

4. mischievous grin – when someone smiles in a way that looks like they are going to cause trouble

5. social butterfly – someone who likes to talk with and be around other people often

6. sheepish – looking or acting embarrassed

7. reserved – to keep your thoughts or feelings private and not show them to others

8. vibes – energy, mood or feeling that something or someone has

9. unique – one of a kind

10. movie marathons – watching one film after another continuously

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