IELTS Speaking Part 2


Describe what you would do if you were given a day off
You should say:

• what you would like to do
• who you would like to be with
• where you would like to do it
And explain how you would feel at the end of the day.


So I’m going to share with you an activity that I would love to do if I had a day off; and that is to spend my entire day participating in various outdoor activities, in order to relieve some stress and recharge my batteriesI have been making some plans of a number of things that I’d like to do when I get the chance, such as hiking or cycling in a mountainous area, and paying a visit to some historical places.

So, if I had a day off, I would like to spend it with my best friend, Lan. She loves travelling and discovering new places as well, and she knows basic first aid and how to survive if we were to ever get lost, so I think that she would be the perfect partner to go with.

Ninh Binh province is my hometown so I would like to go there on my free day, and although I was born and brought up there, I haven’t finished travelling through this massive mountainous province. Having numerous tourist attractions, Ninh Binh would enable me and my friend to enjoy the fresh atmosphere, go hiking and visit various places, for example, the Stone Church and Hoa Lu Palace.

I’ve been suffering from quite a heavy workload in my job recently, so I’m really in need of a day off that would allow me some time to do my favourite activities, making me feel more excited and happier with my life.

Vocabulary highlights:

1. relieve some stress – to reduce or release stress or worry

2. recharge my batteries – to get new energy, to feel good again

3. paying a visit – to visit

4. basic first aid – basic emergency medical care

5. survive – to continue to live ie. to not die

6. get lost – to not know where you are

7. brought up – raised

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