IELTS Speaking Part 2


Describe your favourite piece of clothing
You should say:

• Where you got it
• When you got it
• How often you wear it
And explain why it is your favourite piece of clothing.


Well, I would like to tell you about a pair of ripped jeans that are my favorite item among all the things I have in my wardrobe.

You know, I bought them for an unbelievably cheap price a long time ago in a second-hand clothing store. At that point, ripped jeans were really popular and everybody in my school was keen on them. So, whenever I put these jeans on, I felt really stylish and thought I really stood out from the crowd. After a while though, trends started to change, but I refused to abandon my jeans. I wore them almost everywhere, from home to school and only changed them for formal events such as a ceremony or a wedding. Sometimes I even slept in my jeans because they were so comfortable.

Actually, it is quite easy to understand why I fancy these jeans so much. Firstly, they instantly create a stylish and fashionable look for the wearer. Secondly, jeans are easy to mix and match and I can wear them with heaps of different shirts without worrying about looking ridiculous in other people’s eyes. And lastly, denim is so tough that it can’t be torn, so I can have them for a long time and save a great deal of money.

All in all, I love my jeans and cannot get through a day without them. I think such an item should be made trendy again so that the youngsters nowadays can really get to know their awesomeness.

Vocabulary highlights:

1. unbelievably cheap – really cheap

2. second-hand – used, not new eg. second-hand clothes or furniture

3. at that point – at that time

4. keen on – really like

5. stylish – looking good, fashionable

6. stood out from the crowd – looked different from everyone around them

7. abandon – to leave someone or something behind

8. fancy – like

9. mix and match – change different styles or colours

10. heaps – a lot of, many

11. ridiculous – silly or stupid

12. in other people’s eyes – from someone else’s perspective

13. denim – the material that jeans are made of

14. a great deal of – a large amount

15. get through a day – to finish a day

16. trendy – to look fashionable, stylish

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