Questions 1 – 10

Complete the table below.

Write ONE WORD AND/OR A NUMBER for each answer.



What to order start     coffee

Type of Concerts



Additional Information

1……….. concert

Every afternoon

2 $……….. for students

$6.50 for adults

• Organise a press tent

• Broadcast on the local 3……….. station

4……….. concert


Entrance fee:

approx $40

Decorate with 5………..

Opera show


Charged by 7………..

There will be 8……….. performance

Karaoke night


No group 9………..

To end the show, a popular 10……….. will perform



Questions 11 -16

Choose the correct letter, A, B or C.

11   What was Jill surprised to find?

A   Some work to reduce the water usage to her house could be done soon.

B   The house was poorly insulated.

C   She could get financial help.

12   What does Jill say every family can do straight away?

A   Use energy-saving bulbs.

B   Turn down the thermostat.

C   Turn off their appliances completely.

13   What pleased Jill about the energy provider?

A   reduction in price for prompt payment

B   allowing customers to pay online

C   having a reduction in price of the energy-saving sources

14   What difficulty does Jill have with the energy meters?

A   They are difficult to access.

B   The figures are hard to read accurately.

C   She can’t tell whether they’re for electricity or for gas.

15   What kind of energy-saving method is Jill going to take next?

A   Use an energy-saving boiler.

B   Have the walls checked for their insulation level.

C   Install double-glazed windows.

16   Why is Jill doubtful about renewable energy?

A   She thinks it’s unsuitable for her house.

B   She doesn’t understand the technical details.

C   She believes it’s too expensive.

Questions 17 – 18

Choose TWO letters, A-E.

Which TWO water-saving tips does Jill recommend?

A   use more showers than baths

B   keep the washing machine full before using it

C   boil only as much water as you need

D   turn off the taps while you are brushing your teeth

E   repair leaking taps

Questions 19 – 20

Choose TWO letters, A-E.

Which TWO topics do people most frequently ask about?

A   the ideal temperature setting on the thermostat

B   whether to leave the light on or not

C   whether to use a computer or laptop to watch movies

D   how to work out the operating cost of appliances

E   whether solar panels only work on sunny days




Questions 21-25

Choose the correct letter, A, B or C.

21   Students may fail the exam if they

A   do not collect primary statistics.

B   copy other people’s work.

C   do not follow the instructions.

22   Why does the man think they should avoid including the pictures of the first volcano in the presentation?

A   They are not attractive.

B   The time is limited.

C   People have never heard of it.

23   About Mount Fago, a volcano in Mexico or the USA, the man thinks

A   they should not use inaccurate information in the presentation.

B   they should use another example.

C   it does not matter where the volcano is.

24   The woman thinks they should mention Mount Etna since

A   it covers most of the important points.

B   It was formed a long time ago.

C   it has stunning views.

25   They agree to leave out Mount Herton as

A   other students have used it before.

B   it is irrelevant to their topic.

C   there is nothing special about this volcano.

Questions 26 – 30

Which statement applies to each of the following situations?

Choose FIVE answers from the box and write the correct letter, A-G, next to questions 26-30.

A   make a short film

B   lacked his/her own points

C   neglect the positive aspect

D   watch some documentaries

E   did not prepare beforehand

F   identify the differences between them.

26   The woman’s last presentation was criticized because it

27   The tutor suggests for the next presentation the woman should

28   People do not know enough about volcanoes and so they

29   The reason why the man felt very nervous is that he

30   They are researching active and extinct volcanoes to



Questions 31 – 40

Complete the notes below.

Write NO MORE THAN TWO WORD ONLY for each answer.

A Chain Store in the UK

Initial expansion

– The company expanded by opening more 31……………….. to increase market share in England.

– They could raise capital by reducing the number of branches in southern 32………………..


– They closed the 33……………….. of the convenience stores in Oxford.

– Over 200 staff had to be transferred and 34………………..

– A new brand image was established to focus on selling 35………………..

The future way

– A 36……………….. was assigned to hold each discussion.

– Retail stores should be flexible in making 37………………..

– Changes should be introduced in 38……………….. so that the staff can become accustomed to the new rules.


– Be open-minded about the 39……………….. for expansion they choose.

– Companies have saved costs by changing the structure of the 40……………….. of department stores.


Section 1

1 Children

2 4

3 radio

4 Evening

5 candles

6 Tuesday

7 donation

8 piano

9 discount

10 singer

Section 2

11 A

12 C

13 B

14 B

15 C

16 A


17 C

18 E


19 A

20 C

Section 3

21 B

22 A

23 A

24 C

25 B

26 B

27 A

28 C

29 E

30 F

Section 4

31 petrol stations

32 Scotland

33 head office

34 retrained

35 fresh food

36 manager

37 profits

38 stages

39 strategies

40 organisation

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