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The chart below shows the number of jobs in tourism-related industries in one UK city between 1989 and 2009.

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Write about the following topic:


In many nations, people in huge cites either live alone or in small family units, instead of a large, extended family. Is this a positive or negative trend?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

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The given bar chart illustrates changes in the number of occupations in tourism-related industries in one UK city from 1989 to 2009.

Overall, it is clear that, except for the year 1994, restaurants registered the highest number of jobs provided in this city while that of travel and tours remained lowest over the research period.

In 1989, the number of jobs in restaurants stood at the highest starting point of about 1100. This figure then saw a steady increase and reached a peak of just over 1600 in 2004 before declining to well under 1400 in 2009. Hotels recorded the second largest number of occupations during the entire period, with the only exception in the year 1994 when it had 1400 jobs and overtook the leading position previously held by restaurants. After that, the number of hotel-related posts dropped gradually to just over 1000 in 2009.

The number of jobs in travel and tours also witnessed the same trend as that of hotels as it reached a peak of roughly 1050 in 1994 before decreasing considerably to about 420. The last sector – sport and leisure – experienced the most unpredictable pattern in the number of jobs provided. In the first five years of the surveyed period, this figure fell to approximately 660. Then, it rose sharply to 1050 in 1999 before dropping back to nearly 700 in 2009.

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In many large cities around the world, it has become common for people to either live alone or in a small family instead of living in large extended family households. This essay will take a closer look at some of the positive and negative aspects that arise with this trend.

On the one hand, this trend does have some positive aspects. For example, different generations want and value different things these days. Many young people do not wish to live the traditional lifestyles of their parents and grandparents. Therefore, living alone allows them the freedom to do as they please without having to face constant judgement or criticism. Furthermore, many older people do not wish to live the hectic, fast-paced lifestyle of modern city life and prefer to live a slower-paced, healthier life in the countryside during their retirement. Living alone, or in smaller family groups allows each generation to live their preferred lifestyle.

However, this trend also brings several drawbacks. Firstly, as parents and grandparents get older, they may face a number of physical and mental health problems, and by living alone, they may lack the care and attention they need from their childrenSecondly, children will have less interaction and influence from grandparents, and potentially miss out on important life lessons from grandparents who have a lot of valuable life experience. Important traditions and customs may also be lost from generation to generation. Finally, living alone, or in small family groups can lead to poor family bonds between generations.

In conclusion, I believe that while this trend does bring some benefits, overall they are definitely outweighed by the drawbacks.

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