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The chart shows the information about salt intake in the US in 2000.

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Write about the following topic:


In many countries, imprisonment is the most common solution to crimes. However, some people believe that better education will be a more effective solution.
To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

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The bar chart compares the amount of salt consumed by Americans in different age groups in 2000.

Overall, it is clear from the chart that men had a higher salt intake than women in all age groups. Additionally, except for children under 6 and females over 60, most people consumed significantly more salt than the recommended adult intake.

The amount of salt consumed by men in their twenties and thirties was the highest, at 4500 mg, which was slightly higher than the figures for 12-19 year-olds and over-60 year-olds, at 3500 mg. Meanwhile, males aged 6-11 and 40-60 years-old consumed 4000 mg of salt, which was roughly double the intake of boys under 6.

Regarding females, those aged under 6 consumed approximately 1200mg, while those aged between 6 and 60 consumed nearly three times that figure, at around 3000 mg. Women over 60 were the only group that consumed the recommended amount of salt, at 2500 mg.

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Although prison is considered as a powerful way to control crime, improvements on education have gained social endorsement as a means to eliminate the problem from its root. Personally, I agree with supporters of the second statement.

On the one hand, the reasons why prisons are of necessity for social security are varied. Advocates of maintaining prison systems insist that law breakers should be contained to ensure the safety of other citizens. Especially, dangerous criminals such as murderers have to be imprisoned for their felonies because this punishment is a symbol of justice and fairness. Furthermore, severe prison sentences are believed to
be a deterrent against crimes. Knowing there might be a chance of getting caught and condemned to jail, which also means losing freedom and leading a miserable life in a cell, those who are having the intention of committing crimes would reconsider going down the path.

On the other hand, I would side with those who think education serves as a remedy for the origin of crimes. Education contributes greatly to heightening people’s intellect and to forming a civilized society. With access to better educational services, citizens would be well-informed about the damage that committing crimes would cause to their community and themselves, which eventually will lead to a decline in crime rates. Additionally, the possession of certain qualifications through fundamental education like vocational training could secure a person’s stable life, which would dispel any ideas of committing crimes.

In conclusion, it seems to me that improving education systems would be the most justifiable to answer to the question of crimes even though the impacts of prisons are undeniable.

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