IELTS Speaking Part 1


1. Would you like to live in the countryside in the future?
2. What do people living in the countryside like to do?
3. What are the benefits of living in rural areas?
4. What are the differences between living in the city and the countryside?


Absolutely ! I’m a huge fan of going to going to the forest. The environment there is just superb. Every now and them I would visit a forest just because there isn’t that much pollution so I could smell the fresh air. Also the animals there are also quite cute – especially some colourful birds.

Living in the countryside, people can enjoy various activities that they hardly have in cities like going out at night without fear of street criminals, doing exercise in the early morning to enjoy the fresh air

Living in the countryside can definitely benefit people in a number of ways. For onething, it’s good for one’s health condition thanks to significantly lower levels of pollution. It is undeniable that, air quality in big cities is so bad that long-term exposure to it may cause respiratory diseases and other health problems. Besides, the cost of living in rural areas is likely to be lower than that in cities.

However, Many people have been attracted to live and work in big cities because of better employment opportunities and higher living standards.

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