IELTS Speaking Part 1


1. Do you like to help others
2. When was your last time you helped others?
3. Did your parents teach you the importance of helping others?
4. Have you ever refused to help others?
5. Would you like to keep helping others in future?


Frankly, I am very happy to help others, especially my neighbours, getting alone well with neighbour is also very important to lead a happy life.

Well, let me tell you about a time when I helped someone not familiar. One day in the morning, I met a neighbour in the shop who was an old lady and also lived in the same building as me. She just bought a bag of rice and was ready to take the heavy bag home. I saw the bag was quite heavy and she was trying to life it up. I walked straightly to her, and told her that I could help her take the bag home. She was very thankful and agreed to accept my kindness. I could feel that she really hope someone could stand out and do her a favour at that moment.

When I was young, my parents and teachers taught me a lot about helping others. It is the core virtue in my culture, the solidarity of community is the thing that keeps members off society connected so we are always willing to help each other.

Yeah, sometimes when I am in hurry or in business I have to say apology to refuse other’s ask for help.

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