IELTS Speaking Part 1


1. What public holidays do you have in your country?
2. Do people in your country celebrate Christmas?
3. Do you like public holidays?
4. Which public holidays do you like the most?
5. What did you do during the last public holiday?
6. What do other people in your country usually do on public holidays?
7. What would you like to do during then next public holiday?
8. Do you think public holidays are important?
9. Do you think there should be more public holidays in your country?


We celebrate a lot of public festivals in my country. I am sure you know about the Spring Festival which is the most important one. In addition, we get together with our family for the Mid- Autumn Day and the National Day.

Yes, there are so many people in my country, it’s really hard to say, probably most people tend to go shopping with families or friends to take advantage of the sales the shops are
offering, but personally speaking, I am afraid we don’t celebrate Christmas like the way in Western countries.

Yes, I am fond of holidays. The main factor is that on these days, I don’t have to work and have plenty of time travelling around to unwind myself and also I will have more consecutive time with my family.

I believe my favourite public holiday would be the National Day because I will have at least seven days to go travelling and also it’s the best time to go around, the weather is neither too cold nor too hot, and the foliage of trees have turned yellow or red, which will give you picturesque views.

It’s kind of hard to say but people that I know around me tend to go shopping with families or friends to take advantage of the sales the shops are offering, but maybe for others, they probably stay at home for resting.

I believe the public holidays are rather important and there should be more of them in my country. The main factor is that people really need unwind themselves without any distractions after tiring work and also public holidays can dramatically boost consumption as the goods will be sold at a discount during these days.

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