IELTS Speaking Part 1


1. How many hours do you sleep every day?
2. Is it necessary to take a nap every day?
3. Do old people sleep a lot? Why?
4. How to have a good sleep?
5. Do you like to get up early in the morning?
6. Can you sleep well if you are in a noisy environment?


Usually I sleep for seven to eight hours every day in order to let my body relax. But if I want to do something very important at night, I could only sleep for less than four hours.

Yes, I believe that after having lunch at noon, it’s beneficial for body to take a nap, half of hour would be enough, to brace for the tasks in the afternoon.

Yes, I guess the elderly people do need to sleep more. I believe the reason is that after years of working, stress and the natural process breaks down people’s body until all they want to do is sleep, consequently, their bodies take longer to recharge the batteries.

I believe you have to follow several rules to get a good sleep regularly. Firstly, go to bed at the same time every night. Choose a time when you normally feel tired, so that you don’t toss and turn. Besides, make sure your bed is comfortable so that you can stretch and turn in bed comfortably. As well as that, stay away from big meals at night or try to make dinnertime earlier in the evening, and avoid heavy, rich foods before bed.

Yes, getting up early in the morning is really beneficial for health, because I can enjoy the fresh air in the morning; besides, I have plenty of time in the morning so that I can do some physical exercises liking running and jogging; as well as that, I can prepare a good dinner for the family. Well, I’m afraid I can’t fall asleep in the noisy place like barking dogs, loud neighbours and city traffic because I used to sleep quietly from childhood. So sometimes I envy someone who grows accustomed to environmental noise and can sleep well in whatever place.

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