IELTS Speaking Part 2


Describe a big company that you would like to work in
You should say:

the name of this company
what this company does   
where this company is
And explain why you would like to work in this company.  


Today, I would like to talk about a big company that I would like to work in. Last year, I had a chance to do an internship in Vincom for 3 months, and it is my dream workplace where I want to apply for a job when I graduate.

The Vingroup, as you know, is one of the biggest corporations involved in many different key fields, not only in Vietnam but also in other countries all over the world. Vincom, the real estate company, is supposed to be the most important sector contributing to the success of the Vingroup. They have taken over a lot of well-known resorts, luxury villas and apartment buildings around Vietnam, incorporating a huge range of additional facilities.

My major involves the property business, so I decided to do my internship there. It is an extremely big company with dynamic and loyal staff, and a highly professional working style as well. They formulate their business strategy clearly and try to reach the targets which they have set. Their staff receive excellent compensation and benefits packages.

It was a valuable chance for me to broaden my own knowledge not only in my major but also in many other fields. It enhanced my soft skills and allowed me to enlarge my social network. Therefore, I will try my best to become an employee in Vincom in the near future.


internship: [noun] a period of time in which a student or new graduate gets experience in a job, for example during vacations.
Example: My cousin is doing an internship with a company of lawyers after graduating in law last month.

dream workplace: [noun] the ideal place where you would like to work.
Example: If you love chocolates, a chocolate factory would be your dream workplace.

real estate: [noun] property in the form of land or buildings.
Example: My aunt works in a real estate company, selling and renting houses to customers.

take over: [phrasal verb] gain control of.
Example: His small electronics company was taken over by Samsung.

resorts: [noun] a place where a lot of people go on holiday/vacation.
Example: Many British tourists go to beach resorts in Thailand.

luxury villas: [noun] expensive houses where people stay on holiday/vacation.
Example: The luxury villas in Spain have private swimming pools and expensive furniture.

facilities: [noun] services or equipment that are provided for a particular purpose.
Example: The hotel has many facilities, such as satellite TVs in every room and free wi-fi internet connection.

dynamic: [adjective] having a lot of energy and strong personality.
Example: We have to say that Batman and Superman are dynamic characters.

loyal: [adjective] always supporting someone or something.
Example: The minister has always been a loyal friend to the President.

formulate: [verb] to create or prepare something carefully and in detail.
Example: The owners of the company formulated a plan to take over a rival firm.

compensation: [noun] something, especially money, which you receive if you have been hurt, injured or if you have suffered in some way.
Example: When my father lost his job, the company paid him compensation of a full salary for 1 year.

benefits package: [noun] a number of things which an employer provides in addition to paying your salary.
Example: The job offers a good benefits package, which includes free health insurance and the use of a company car.

soft skills: [noun] personal qualities that enable you to deal successfully with other people.
Example: Candidates for the job should have soft skills, such as working well in a team and an ability to listen to and respect the opinions of work colleagues.

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