IELTS Speaking Part 2


Describe a family (not your own family) that you like.
You should say:

where this family lives
• who the members of the family are
• how you know them
• what each person in this family does in life (student/work/retired etc.)
and explain why you like this family.


I would like to talk about a family that I am very close to, it’s my uncle’s family.

His family has 2 daughters who are around the same age as me; therefore, I usually drop in to his house to chat with them. At times, we bake some cakes and take them to our grandparents’ house; then we have an overnight sleep there. Besides, we often hang out together, especially at the weekends just to take it easy and enjoy ourselves so as to get ready for a new week.

Their parents, I mean my uncle and aunt, are very warm-hearted, and they both work as college teachers. So, whenever I run into difficulties with my homework, I usually turn to them for help. I remember when I was small, I used to live in my uncle’s house and they looked after me as if I had been their daughter. Hence, our relationships are out-of-this world, although we don’t have much time together like before. But on special occasions such as the Tet holiday, we will gather at my grandparents’ house to make Chung cake, enjoy a firework performance as well as wish New year’s greetings to each other.

As a final point, I hope that we can maintain this close relationship for ever.


close to: [adjective] knowing someone very well and liking them a lot.
Example: I am still very close to my best friend, and we meet up regularly.

drop in: [phrasal verb] pay an informal visit to someone.
Example: I was passing your house, so I decided to drop in and have a chat.

overnight: [adjective] for one night.
Example: All the hotels were full and I could not find any overnight accommodation.

hang out: [phrasal verb] spend a lot of time in a place.
Example: During the school holidays, a lot of kids hang out at the shopping mall.

take it easy: [expression] relax and avoid working too hard or doing too much.
Example: The doctor told me to take it easy for a few days until I felt better.

warm-hearted: [adjective] kind and generous.
Example: My parents were very warm-hearted and they always helped other people with their problems.

run into difficulties: [expression] experience difficulties.
Example: As I did not understand much French, I soon ran into difficulties when I visited Paris.

looked after: [phrasal verb] were responsible for and took care of me.
Example: My aunt looked after us while our mother was in hospital.

out-of-this-world: [expression] used to emphasize how good something is.
Example: Visitors to Vietnam think that the traditional food is out-of-this-world.

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