IELTS Speaking Part 2


Describe a foreign country you would like to go to. ( A country you have not been
to yet)

You should say:

what country it is (including where it is in the world)
what this country is like
what people can do in this country
And explain why you would like to go to this country.


There are so many countries that I have not had a chance to go to, but one of those that I would like to visit in my upcoming trip is Myanmar.

It is located in South East Asia. The country is like Thailand 25 years ago, before shopping malls, and fastfood chains expanded in the country. Thus it remains rustic and traditional compared to the modern world.

The people here are said to be friendly; they are willing to go out of their way to show you around and they are very keen on practicing their English skills. Myanmar is famous for its ancient city named Bagan, with more than 3,000 temples which date back to the 11th century. I would particulary love to see the Shwedagon Pagoda. It is considered to be the greatest and most sacred Buddhist temple in the country. The entire structure, which dates back 2,500 years, is covered with hundreds of gold plates.

Since the country has just been opened up to the outside world, it still keeps the originality of its culture. That’s why I want to go there, to experience the country and the people before globalization changes everything.


fastfood chain: [noun] a network of restaurants like McDonald’s, which you can find in many different places, serving food such as burgers and fries.

rustic: [adjective] simple and typical of the countryside.
Example: The old church in the small village had a rustic appearance.

go out of their way to: [verb phrase] to make a special effort to do something.
Example: The teacher went out of her way to help the students, giving free classes before the exams.

show someone around: [verb phrase] to be a guide for somebody when they visit a new place and to show them what is interesting.
Example: We were shown around the school by one of the students.

sacred: [adjective] connected with a god, and considered to be holy.
Example: In Islam, Mecca is a sacred city.

opened up: [phrasal verb] possible to be visited.
Example: The railways opened up many remote parts of the country.

globalization: [noun] the process by which places become similar to each other all over the world.
Example: You can now buy burgers in fastfood restaurants like McDonald’s all over the world, as a result of globalization.

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