IELTS Speaking Part 2


Describe a free-time activity that you like to do after you have finished your study or work
You should say:

what you do  
where you do it    
when you do it
 who you do it with
and explain why you like to do this activity.


Well, I am kind of a workaholic. I am so caught up in my work on a daily basis that I do not have too much time to relax after a long working day. Listening to music is the only thing that I really want to do to relax at home.

There are a few things that I normally try to do to wind down, but listening to music is how I usually like to spend my free time. Because my work takes almost all the time during the day, I want to make the most of my evening by creating a cozy atmosphere for myself and just put my feet up. When I stay home, I like to dim the lights, turn on some soft music and enjoy myself for the rest of the evening. Soft light and sounds help me to chill out pretty well.

I also enjoy grabbing a favourite book and relaxing in a big comfy chair with a blanket and my pet cat on my lap, while listening to music in the background. It works wonders. I find it therapeutic and relaxing when I take a little time for myself to play an inspirational song to unwind. You see, you don’t have to waste a lot of time and money in order to have a restful evening.

If I take some days off, I will go for a short holiday to get away from all the pressures. However, for the rest of the days when I have finished my work already, listening to music is my preferred choice. That is wonderful for me, and so I do not see myself changing my habit any time soon.


workaholic: [noun] a person who works very hard and finds it difficult to stop working and do other things.
Example: My sister is a workaholic – she never takes a day off to relax and have fun.

caught up in: [phrasal verb] very involved in an activity, so that you do not notice other things.
Example: I was so caught up in my revision that I forgot to feed the dog.

wind down: [phrasal verb] rest or relax after a period of activity.
Example: After teaching all day, it’s nice to go and have a coffee to wind down.

make the most of: [expression] use to the best advantage.
Example: I intend to make the most of the holidays by finishing my assignment.

cozy: [adjective] warm and comfortable, because you are in a small space.
Example: I feel cozy sitting in front of the fire in my small house.

put my feet up: [expression] sit down, lie back and rest.
Example: I like to sit in my favourite armchair with a cup of coffee and just put my feet up after I come home.

dim: [verb] make a light less bright.
Example: In the theatre, the play was about to begin. The lights were dimmed and the audience fell silent.

chill out: [phrasal verb] spend time relaxing.
Example: I like to go out with my friends and chill out – just chatting and having a coffee.

grabbing: [verb] having or taking something quickly.
Example: You should have a good lunch – grabbing a sandwich is a bad habit.

comfy: [adjective] comfortable.
Example: My new bed is really comfy and I fall asleep straight away.

works wonders: [expression] has a very good effect on someone or something.
Example: A good night’s sleep works wonders for your mind and body.

therapeutic: [adjective] helping you to relax.
Example: My dentist plays soft music while her patients are waiting, because she says that it is therapeutic.

inspirational: [adjective] something that motivates you and makes you have exciting ideas.
Example: The President gave an inspirational speech to his supporters.

unwind: [verb] SEE: wind down.

any time soon: [expression] in the near future.
Example: After our big argument, I am not expecting her to call me any time soon.

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