IELTS Speaking Part 2


Describe a gift that you recently gave to others
You should say:

When it happened
Who you gave it to
What gift you gave to the person
And explain why you gave this gift to others


Choosing a gift for someone is usually a very difficult task, because you want to make sure that the person who receives it will like it. For that reason, I always spend a lot of time picking gifts for my relatives and friends. Today, I am going to share with you the time when I had to choose a gift for my little sister’s birthday.

It was her 5th birthday and I wanted to give her something memorable and special. I decided to go to a “Build-a-bear workshop” to buy her a stuffed bear. At this shop, you actually spend time picking materials to build your furry friend, from the cotton inside to the clothes outside. You also got to give this teddy bear a heart and a voice recorder, so that when you squeezed it, it would say whatever you recorded before. After finishing building the stuffed toy, the store would give him or her a birth certificate with a name and birthday.

My little sister was so happy when she received the bear. Well, kids always love a furry friend anyway. However, what was special was that as she grew up, she understood how much love I had put in the bear when building it for her at the store, so she came to appreciate the gift even more.


pick: [verb] to choose something from a group of things.
Example: The man picked a blue tie from the collection in the shop.

memorable: [adjective] something special, good or unusual and therefore easy to remember.
Example: I will never forget the memorable holiday that I had in Japan.

workshop: [noun] a place where you can do a practical activity to create something.
Example: As a student, I attended drama workshops, because I had always loved acting.

stuffed bear: [noun] a toy in the shape of a bear, filled with cloth and made of some soft material.
Example: When I was a child, I had a stuffed bear, which I used to keep in my bedroom.

furry: [adjective] covered with fur – a soft thick mass of hair that grows on the body of some animals.
Example: People love pandas because they are so furry, with thick black and white fur all over their body.

get to (+ infinitive): [phrasal verb] to be allowed to do something.
Example: When we visited the football stadium, we got to meet some of the famous players.

teddy bear: [noun] this is just another name for a stuffed toy bear.

squeeze: [verb] to press something firmly, especially with your fingers.
Example: Every time you clean your teeth, you squeeze the tube of toothpaste.

appreciate: [verb] to recognise the good qualities in something or somebody.
Example: At school, I appreciated the help that I received from my teachers.

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