IELTS Speaking Part 2


Describe a photograph in your home.
You should say:

what is in the photo  
where this photo is in your home   
how this picture was taken  
And explain what this photo means to you.  


Like many other Vietnamese families, I have a big photograph of my family which is hung on the wall of my living room. It is the first thing that you notice when you walk in the room.

This photo was taken a year ago on the occasion of my cousin’s wedding. It was the first time for ages that my whole family had gathered together. Even my relatives who are living further away came home to attend the wedding. It was possibly the first picture of my extended family with my grandmother, all of my grandmother’s children and the in-laws, and I have lost count of how many grandchildren are in it. It’s a brilliant photo, with
everyone smiling and laughing, taken by a professional photographer who put everyone at their ease.

As a typical traditional Vietnamese, I treasure my family. Our ties are worth more than gold. No matter what happens, I strongly believe that my parents, my siblings and relatives will always be on my side supporting me. Every time I look at the photograph of my loving family, I feel blessed and proud.


for ages: [expression] a very long time.
Example: I waited for ages, because the flight had been delayed for several hours.

gathered together: [verb] it was the first time for many years that my family had all come together in the same place, at the same time.
Example: the children were all gathered together in the garden.

extended family: [noun] a family group that includes not only parents and children, but also aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents and in-laws.
Example: she grew up surrounded by a large extended family.

the in-laws: [noun] your relatives by marriage, especially the parents of your husband or wife.
Example: I am visiting my in-laws on Sunday [the parents of my wife and also her two sisters].

lose count of: [verb] to forget how many there are of something [because there are a lot of them].
Example: I have lost count of how many times I have told the students to do their homework.

put everyone at their ease: [verb] the photographer made everyone feel relaxed.
Example: in the exam, the examiner put the students at their ease by being friendly and informal.

treasure: [verb] to have something that you love and is very valuable to you.
Example: I treasure his friendship, because it is very important to me to have him as my friend.

ties: [noun] strong connections between people
Example: the ties of friendship and family ties are the most important connections in our lives.

siblings: [noun] brothers or sisters
Example: the younger children were badly treated by their older siblings.

blessed: [adjective] fortunate, in a way that brings a feeling of peace.
Example: he was blessed with many good friends and a loving family.

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