IELTS Speaking Part 2


Describe a place in other countries where you would like to work
You should say:

Where you would like to go  
What kind of work/ job you would like to have    
When you would like to go  
And explain why you want to work in that place.  


Today, I would like to talk about a place in foreign countries where I would like to work. It is Melbourne, the second largest city in Australia which has become home for millions of people from various countries around the world.

In Melbourne, I would like to work for an environmental NGO, as my specialty at/in university is Environmental Resources. So, right after I finish my studies in Vietnam, I will go to Melbourne to apply for a job there.

Well, the reasons why I would like to work in Melbourne are quite simple. First, I have a lot of friends and relatives who live and work in Melbourne. They can help me whenever I need. They also tell me that the community of Vietnamese overseas is very large in Melbourne. So, the multi-cultural challenge won’t be a big problem for me. And what’s more, like Sydney, Tokyo or some other cities in the world, Melbourne is a ‘liveable city’ due to / because of its high ranking in education, research and healthy lifestyle/ way of life. So I think that to live, study or work there will be an interesting experience.


Various: [adjective] different, a variety of, many types of.
Example: My students come from various countries in the world, such as India, Laos, Thailand, etc.

Specialty: [noun] focus, special field of study
Example: Marie Cury was a well-known scientist with her specialty in radiation

Apply for a job/position: [verb] to enroll in, to write a letter asking for a job
Example: She submited a letter to apply for that post/ position

Relatives: Someone who is close in the family branch, such as aunt, uncle, cousin, and so on.
Example: Tet holiday is an occasion for us to visit our relatives’ houses and to give them best wishes

Vietnamese overseas: [noun] Vietnamese people who live in foreign countries
Example: Each year, the Vietnamese overseas contribute a large amount of money to the country’s development.

Multi-cultural challenge [adj+n] difficulties caused by the clash between so many cultures
Example: Australia is an example of multi- cultural country

Liveable [adjective] + city: a city with favorable conditions for living
Example: This city is a liveable place for the poor

Ranking [noun] level, qualification
Example: The ranking of education of Vietnam is still fairly low in the region

Healthy [adjective] good for health, good for operation
Example: Investors require a healthy environment for their business activities in Vietnam

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