IELTS Speaking Part 2


Describe a product you bought that you were (or, are) happy with.
You should say:

what you bought
how you bought it
why you bought it
And explain why you were (or are) happy with it.


Last summer, I bought a Nokia smart phone that I was really satisfied with.

My cell phone was the latest product from Nokia, so there were various useful applications such as video calling, emails, games, music players, and so on. I intended to use this smart phone to listen to music, make phone calls, send messages and check emails. I must say that this portable device helps me a lot no matter where I am.

There were numerous reasons why I took an interest in this product. Firstly, I wanted to use it for entertainment purposes. I could refresh myself after a hard day’s work by enjoying music or watching reality shows on the Internet. Moreover, thanks to this smart phone, I was able to keep in touch with my old friends whom I could not meet in person regularly. Besides, this mobile phone helped me to handle my workload effectively. For example, I could check emails when waiting for the bus, which saved a lot of time.

As a final point, I would emphasize that I chose the mobile phone myself. That was the main reason why I felt so happy with this product.


portable device: [noun] an object that is easy to carry or to move.
Example: A lot of people on my flight were using portable devices, such as their laptops, during the journey.

took an interest in: [expression] wanted to know more about the product.
Example: My parents took an interest in my grades at school, because they wanted me to go to university.

entertainment: [noun] for interest and amusement.
Example: The local newspaper gives news about entertainment, with information on all the latest films, music, shows and events in our city.

refresh myself: [verb] make myself feel less tired and stressed.
Example: After work, I usually refresh myself with a shower and a hot drink.

reality shows: [noun] shows that use real people [not actors] in real situations, in order to provide entertainment.
Example: Reality shows like ‘Big Brother’ are very cheap to make, because there are no actors to pay.

handle my workload: [expression] manage the amount of work that I have to do.
Example: The company has paid me for some extra hours to handle my increased workload.

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