IELTS Speaking Part 2


Describe a situation that made you a little angry.
You should say:

where you were when this happened  
what you were doing at the time    
who you were with  
and explain how you handled this situation or and explain why you felt angry.


Today, I would like to share with you a situation that made me a little angry. Two months ago when I did some online shopping for a jacket on the internet, I had the worst online shopping experience ever, which made me so annoyed.

I was surfing the internet to browse the options, looking for a warm casual jacket to get me through the colder weather that will soon be upon us. I stumbled upon one that was exactly what I wanted, so I left a comment to catch the seller’s attention. I decided to order and pay for it and asked for it to be delivered to my house as soon as possible. She promised me that it would arrive within 2 days.

However, after 2 days I had received nothing. I found myself being cheated and it really made my blood boil. I tried my best to reach her to ask about the jacket which I had paid for, but there was never any answer at all when I tried to contact her. That’s when it dawned on me that she had lied to me and the whole thing was a scam. My anger grew and I felt frustrated and confused at that time, because I could not do anything about it. So, I learned the hard way that it was so risky to buy products online. I should not have done it. In future, if I come across something on the internet that I would really like, I will head for a store to check it out carefully before making a purchase decision.


surf: [verb] use [the internet].
Example: I am surfing the internet for information about the new James Bond film.

browse: [verb] look at a lot of things, hoping to find something that you like.
Example: I sometimes go to my local bookstore to browse through the fiction section.

casual: [adjective] comfortable and informal clothes.
Example: In my spare time, when I don’t have to go to work, I prefer to wear casual clothes.

get me through: [expression] help me to cope with a situation successfully.
Example: When I can’t sleep, I sometimes watch TV to help get me through the night.

stumble upon: [phrasal verb] discover something/someone unexpectedly.
Example: While I was browsing through some websites, I stumbled upon the information that I needed for my essay.

cheat: [verb] trick someone or make them believe something which is not true.
Example: Many people felt cheated when the government failed to build more schools, as it had promised to do.

made my blood boil: [expression] cause someone to be angry.
Example: When my laptop was stolen, it made my blood boil and I needed a few minutes to calm down.

dawn on: [phrasal verb] realize something for the first time.
Example: When I entered the airport, it dawned on me that I had forgotten my passport.

scam: [noun] a clever and dishonest plan for making money.
Example: The offer of a free holiday was false. It was simply a scam to encourage people to buy tickets from the airline.

learned the hard way: [expression] learn from a bad experience, rather than being taught.
Example: After I had an accident on my bike, I learned the hard way that I should always wear a protective helmet.

risky: [adjective] involving the possibility of something bad happening.
Example: Working on a construction site is a risky job – you always have to be careful.

head for: [phrasal verb] go towards, go to find something.
Example: While my wife went looking for a new coat to buy, I headed for the nearest coffee shop!

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