IELTS Speaking Part 2


Describe a skill you learned when you were a child
You should say:

what skill it was
• who taught you this skill
• how you learned it
and explain why you learned this skill.


Today, I would like to share with you a skill I learned when I was a child. Music is really my kind of thing, especially the sound of musical instruments. One of those that I enjoyed immensely was piano. I had always been attracted to this sound, therefore, I signed up for a piano course when I was in grade 5.

My piano teacher was on the wrong side of 30, but she looked quite young for her age. To be honest, I didn’t pick up playing the piano very easily, so I had a problem in learning this skill at first. Fortunately, she was a very experienced and enthusiastic teacher, and she helped to familiarize me with every single lesson. I definitely found it soothing and inspiring when she taught me how to play the piano effectively.

Besides taking piano lessons, I also tried my best to learn on my own through the internet, spending a lot of time searching for online lessons to work on. I did pretty well, and as a result, I had a chance to join a piano contest that took place at The Opera House in Hanoi. I was really proud of that.

I have discovered that music plays an integral part in my life, getting me through tough situations, even the hardest days. Sometimes, I think everybody needs to take a little time to wind down and enjoy ourselves. Playing piano is actually how I usually spend my free time because it is really a good way for me to relax and refresh my mind.


my kind of thing (expression): something that you like or that you are into
Example: Hip hop music is my kind of thing, but I can’t stand country music.

immensely (adv): greatly, especially
Example: She loves Taylor Swift immensely. I think she is her biggest fan

to be attracted to (expression): to really like someone or something
Example: She has been attracted to fashion since she was only two or three years old. She loves to shop for clothing.

on the wrong side of 30 (expression): to be on the downhill side of a decade, so after 35, going toward 40, in this case.
Example: My professor must be on the wrong side of 50, but his girlfriend doesn’t care.

pick up (phrasal verb): to learn something
Example: When I was living in France, I picked up French very easily after only a few months.

Fortunately (adv): used to say that something good or lucky has happened
Example: Fortunately for him, his mother paid for his plane ticket to New York.

enthusiastic (adj): excited, having a positive and upbeat attitude
Example: He is an enthusiastic swimmer; he swims every day for 2 hours.

familiarize me with (expression): to learn about something new
Example: I need to familiarize myself with this new cell phone that I just purchased yesterday.

definitely (adv): for sure
Example: I definitely do not want to eat pizza again this evening. I have eaten it every night this week.

soothing (adj): relaxing, usually something soft and quiet
Example: She put on some soothing music and took a bath.

inspiring (adj): that which motivates you to do something
Example: The speech that the president gave turned out to be so inspiring that the workers decided to stop their strike.

to work on (phrasal verb): to do, to practice
Example: I have to work on my English if I want to pass the IELTS exam.

to play an integral part in (something) (expression): to be an important part of something
Example: My husband plays an integral part in running the day-to-day operations of our family business.

wind down (phrasal verb): to relax, usually after doing something hard
Example: After coming home from work, she had a glass of wine and a bath to wind down.

refresh (verb): to make (someone) have more energy and feel less tired or less hot
Example: When he finishes his workout, he takes a shower to refresh himself before going to work.

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