IELTS Speaking Part 2


Describe a special toy you had in your childhood.
You should say:

what it was
• who gave it to you
• how often you played with it (or, how you played with it)
and explain why it was special for you.


I remember that when I was young, I was keen on watching the cartoon called “The many adventures of Winnie the Pooh”, so much that I kept pestering my father for the stuffed bear Winnie the Pooh. Finally, my father gave me one as a present for my 6th birthday. When I got this toy, I jumped for joy and even paid no attention to my other presents.

This stuffed bear was, incredibly, identical to the character in the cartoon I had watched. He also had a short red shirt and was holding a jar of honey which was his favorite food. Therefore, I felt as if he had come from the movie.

Since then, I considered him my closest friend and I couldn’t go anywhere without him, even when I went to sleep. Every day, I talked with the bear and told him about my daily routine. Unfortunately, I lost the bear at an amusement center, which made me cry for almost a week. At that time, I felt like I had lost a good friend who I could share everything with.

At present, whenever I watch this cartoon or see any photos of Winnie the Pooh, all the wonderful memories about him are brought back. Thanks to the bear, I experienced a happy childhood.


was keen on: [phrasal verb] was eager to/was enthusiastic about
Example: He was keen on fishing when he was a boy, and he still loves to go fishing at weekends.

pestering: [verb] annoying someone by asking them many times.
Example: In the shop, some children were pestering their mother to buy ice-cream.

stuffed bear: [noun] a toy in the shape of a bear, made of cloth and filled with soft material.
Example: Stuffed bears have always been popular as toys for young children.

identical to: [adjective] exactly the same as someone or something else.
Example: His sports bag is identical to mine, and as a result one day I took his bag by mistake.

amusement center: [noun] a center which has a lot of things which you can play on and many different activities to enjoy.
Example: Our city has a huge shopping mall, and it has a fantastic amusement center for children to play while their parents are shopping.

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