IELTS Speaking Part 2


Describe a television program that you like to watch.
You should say:

what program it is
what the program is about
how often you watch it
And explain why you like watching this program.

Describe a television program that makes you laugh.
You should say:

what program it is
how often you watch it
what it is about
And explain why you laugh at this program (= explain what is funny in this program).


A TV program that I found really funny was an American show called “How I met your mother” which was broadcast every Sunday last summer.

It was a sitcom with 9 series, each of which included about 24 episodes. I watched all of the episodes and found them absolutely hilarious. The series followed the main character, Ted, who recounted to his son and daughter the time when he met and got married to their mother. The special thing was this – all the events Ted had experienced with his best friends before meeting his wife were illustrated in a highly amusing way. For example, in one episode, Ted described his dates with a girlfriend whose name he had forgotten, so Ted and the other characters had to refer to her as “Blah-blah” all the time.

Because of the characters’ eccentric humor and natural acting, this show made me laugh a lot. So, at present, whenever I feel stressed, I replay this series so that I can just put my feet up and have a good laugh.


sitcom: [noun] a regular TV program that shows the same characters in different funny situations.
Example: In a good sitcom, all the characters who appear regularly make us laugh.

episodes: [noun] parts of a story on TV or the radio which is broadcast in several parts.
Example: The sitcom finally ended after 200 episodes.

absolutely hilarious: [adverb+adjective] extremely funny.
Example: At the party, he told me an absolutely hilarious story, and I couldn’t stop laughing.

recounted: [verb] told someone about something that you experienced.
Example: My father sometimes recounted to me stories of his time as a student.

dates: [noun] aromantic meetings with a boy or girl.
Example: Although they had several dates, they decided to remain just good friends.

eccentric: [adjective] considered by other people to be strange or unusual.
Example: A person who wears a suit to go to the beach would certainly be considered as eccentric.

put my feet up: [expression] relax and do nothing
Example: After a hard day at work, I like to come home and put my feet up for an hour or two.

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