IELTS Speaking Part 2


Describe a time you missed an important appointment for something
You should say:

when and where it happened  
what the appointment was for    
what happened when you missed it  
and explain how you felt about the appointment.


I’m going to describe the time I was late for my first job interview. It happened in the fall of 2012, as I recall, which is when I was a sophomore. I had always dreamed of becoming a marketer, so I’d already joined a marketing course and after that, I was ready to apply for an internship in this field. The company I applied to was a start-up in education technology. Specifically, they offered online English courses to those who wanted to brush up on their English speaking skills. They were looking for a marketing intern, and as I was interested in both English and marketing, I applied for this position.

I sent them my CV and was accepted, so we made an appointment for an interview. However, when the day came, I was late for the interview because I was lost. I can still recollect the panic that I felt, and I finally managed to get to the interview, but 30 minutes late. “I am so doomed,” I thought, and the next thing I knew, the interviewer just told me I was late for the interview without prior notice so regrettably I was rejected.

That was a painful experience for me, and since then I’ve tried my best not to be late for any appointments ever again.


Sophomore [n] a student in the second year of a course of study at a college or university:
e.g. Most universities provide internship opportunities for their third-year students, or even sophomores.

Marketer [n] a person whose job it is to promote and sell the products of a company in the best possible way:
e.g. As a marketer and developer of software, I earn a lot of money these days.

Start-up [n] a company that is just beginning to operate:
e.g. His company was a successful start-up in the field of bio-engineering.

Education technology [expression] education using technology to deliver knowledge, e.g. using computers and projectors in class:
e.g. Education technology has become really popular these days.

To brush up on smt [phrasal verb] to quickly improve a skill, especially when you have not used it for a long time:
e.g. I must brush up on my Spanish before I go to Spain.

To recollect [v] to remember something, especially when you make an effort to remember it:
e.g. I recollect all the details of my flat in Paris.

Panic [n] a feeling of fear or anxiety that prevents you from thinking clearly:
e.g. Office workers fled in panic as the fire started to spread.

Doomed [adj] certain to fail, die, or be destroyed:
e.g. This is a doomed city – the volcano will erupt very soon.

Prior [adj] happening or existing before something else or before a particular time:
e.g. Please give us prior notice if you need an evening meal.

To reject [v] to refuse to accept, use, or believe something or someone:
e.g. The prime minister rejected the suggestion that it was time for him to resign.

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