IELTS Speaking Part 2


Describe a useful app or computer program for a smart phone, computer or
tablet that you have used.

You should say:

what the app is  
how long/how often you have used it (or, been using it)
what you use it for   
And explain why you think it is useful.


Well, developments in technology have been providing a lot of smart applications for users, which allows them to access entertainment and also to work more effectively. One of those apps that youngsters have been using more and more in their tablets and mobile phones is definitely Camera 360. And I am no exception. This application is all about taking pictures and editing photos.

I have been a big fan of this application since I started using my Iphone 5 years ago. Like many other apps, the designer has kept working on it to incorporate more impressive effects so that it can compete with any other photo application.

My hobby is taking photos with my friends no matter what mood I’ m in, so I tend to use this particular app as my favourite tool to make changes to the pictures to make them look more lively and interesting. This is where Camera 360 comes in handy.

What I really appreciate is that Camera 360 is full of fun features bringing many options with special filters, effects, themes and frames. I love how easily it can help my photos appear more professional than my original ones, although I’ m not really a photoshop expert. Thanks to this app, I am likely to be taking pictures more frequently now that I feel extremely confident about posting them on social networking sites.


edit: [verb] make changes to text, data or images on a screen.
Example: Editing photos can make them appear much more professional by removing unwanted parts of the image.

fan: [noun] a person who admires or enjoys watching or listening to someone/something.
Example: My son is a big football fan of Barcelona, and he watches all their games on TV.

work on: [phrasal verb] try hard to improve something, or how something functions.
Example: She works on her yoga skills by practising the exercises every day.

incorporate: [verb] include something, so that it then forms part of something.
Example: Many of your ideas have been incorporated into the project.

impressive: [adjective] people or things that make you feel admiration, for some good quality that they have.
Example: The examiners agreed that she was very impressive during the speaking test.

compete with: [phrasal verb] try to be better or more successful than someone who is trying to do the same thing as you.
Example: In the race, I had to compete with 5 other athletes to win the gold medal.

mood: [noun] the way that you are feeling at a particular time.
Example: I’m not really in the mood to go to the party tonight.

come in handy: [expression] be useful.
Example: Don’t throw your revision notes away – they may come in handy for next year’s course.

fun features: [noun] entertaining characteristics or things about a particular object.
Example: My latest iphone comes with lots of fun features which keep me amused for hours.

post: [verb] put information or pictures on a website.
Example: Her brother has just posted some photos on their holiday on Facebook.

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