IELTS Speaking Part 2


Describe an area of subject that you are interested in (such as physics,

You should say:

What it is
When you started to become interested in it
What you have learned from it
And explain why you have interest in it


I’d like to describe a subject that I was particularly keen on when I was at school. It was History.

I have to admit that I didn’t like History at first, as there were so many numbers, events and dates to remember that it used to take me hours to learn all of them by heart to be well-prepared for the exam. However, Mrs. Huong, my history teacher when I was at grade 10, breathed new life into this subject and it started to grow on me.

I’ve learned a lot from the subject. Apart from historical events which help me know what the world was like and how it worked, learning history has also brought me closer to the culture of my country. Above all, I think, History has taught me to appreciate the present while drawing lessons from the past.

Nevertheless, I wouldn’t have been so much in love with this subject without my teacher, Mrs Huong. The way she delivered the lessons was so enthusiastic and passionate that it inspired me to catch her every word / absorb all information given by her, and somehow, I fell in love with History. Now, even though History is neither my major nor even taught at University, I still have the habit of reading historical books whenever having free time.


learn by heart [idiom] to learn something so well that it can be written or recited without thinking
Example: There were well known definitions which we had to learn by heart and two of
them have remained in my memory for nearly 60 years

well-prepared [adj] suitably prepared in advance
Example: 17-18 year old school leavers should be well-prepared for work.

breathe new life into [idiom] bring ideas and energy (to something)
Example: Changes in the performance have breathed new life into a show that seemed
ready to close.

grow on sb [v] become increasingly liked or appreciated
Example: At first the show seemed kind of weird, but it grew on us

draw the lesson (from something) [idiom] learn something from past mistakes
Example: After the loss in the previous game, the team draw the lesson.

deliver [v] to express in word
Example: Whether students are captivated from the beginning or not depends much on the way the lecture is delivered.

passionate [adj] arising from passion
Example: She is a teacher who is passionate about her subject

have the habit of [idiom] do something usually or often
Example: I don’t have the habit of getting involved in other people’s arguments

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