IELTS Speaking Part 2


Describe an item of electronic equipment that you would like to have
You should say:

what it is  
where you would get (buy) it from    
what features it would have (or, special features you would like it to have)  
and explain why you would like to have it.  


Since I was very small, I have had a special interest in cooking. So, it is no surprise that, now that I have grown up, I dream of having an oven with rings for cooking on top, which is in very popular use overseas.

In Vietnam, this kind of oven is only sold at big electronic and appliance centers.

Different from the normal oven, this one provides more stable and exact temperatures, which is one of the critical factors in baking. Besides, it has four oven top elements, which is highly convenient because it allows you to cook and bake at the same time. It also saves a lot of space in your kitchen because it is free-standing. Another feature that I would like the oven to have is a self-cleaning system. If you cook frequently, you will definitely appreciate this facility. It is inevitable that when you cook, your oven/cooker will get dirty. As a result, with the self-cleaning feature, it is much easier for us to clean.


grow up: [phrasal verb] to develop into an adult.
Example: The children have all grown up and left home now.

appliances: [noun] a machine which is designed to do a particular job in the home, such as cleaning or preparing food.
Example: The store sells a range of household appliances, including microwave ovens and washing machines.

baking: [noun] the process of cooking something in the oven using dry heat.
Example: My mother loves baking – she makes bread and cakes every week in her oven.

free-standing: [adjective] not a part of or attached to something else.
Example: The cupboard was free-standing, so it was easy to move it away from the wall.

self-cleaning: [adjective] able to be cleaned without a person having to clean it.
Example: Her new oven was self-cleaning; when it was dirty it cleaned itself automatically.

facility: [noun] a special feature of a machine that enables it to do something extra.
Example: My computer has a facility for checking spelling.

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