IELTS Speaking Part 2


Describe an item that you received and made you happy
You should say:

When you received it  
What the item was    
Who gave you it  
And explain why you felt happy  


I would like to describe a coat my parents gave me as a present on my 18th birthday. I must say that it is really smart and exactly to my liking.

The coat is made of cotton only and by a Vietnamese clothes brand. It is a knee-length black coat, which was in fashion at that time. What I like the most is that there are two deep side pockets, so in winter, I always put my hands into those pockets to avoid the cold. Besides, I can button the coat from top to bottom and it’s also got a decorative waist belt.

I am so fond of this coat that I usually wear it every winter. It fits me perfectly and makes me feel comfortable and warm, no matter how cold the weather is. I keep myself warm by wearing the coat with jeans and boots, which match it well.

In fact, I have never thought whether it will be out of fashion. As this coat is a gift from my parents, I treasure it a lot and – for sure – I will keep wearing this coat in the future.


really smart: [adjective] very clean, neat and attractive.
Example: If you want to look good on special social occasions, or even at work, it is important to dress in really smart clothes.

to my liking: [expression] suitable, and how somebody likes something.
Example: The smart way in which she has decorated my house is exactly to my liking.

button the coat: [verbal phrase] fasten the coat with buttons.
Example: Stepping outside my warm house, I quickly buttoned the coat which I was wearing to try and keep warm.

decorative: [adjective] intended to look attractive, because of the way in which it is decorated.
Example: Many tourists visit the Temple of Literature because of the many decorative sculptures which they can see there.

fond of: [expression] finding something pleasant or enjoyable, especially something that you have liked or enjoyed for a long time.
Example: My uncle is an excellent musician, and he is very fond of his hobby.

match: [verb] if things match each other, they have the same colour or style and therefore look attractive together.
Example: None of these shoes match my jeans – they are all very different and they are too formal.

treasure: [verb] have or keep something that you love and that is very valuable to you.
Example: Thank you for e-mailing the photos. They are superb and I will always treasure them and the memories that they bring.

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