IELTS Speaking Part 2


Describe an outdoor activity you like to do
You should say:

What it is
Where you like to do it
How you do it
And explain why you like to do it


My favorite outdoor activity is jogging. It’s a kind of running at a slow or leisurely pace that helps to build up your physical fitness.

I much prefer to go jogging in open spaces like parks or lakesides. There, you can enjoy fresh air and watch people doing various types of physical activity such as running, aerobic exercises, playing badminton, and so on.

I normally go jogging in the morning with my close friend either at weekends, or in the afternoon, after a tiring school day. We often chat together while we’re jogging, sharing with each other stories about school or sometimes discussing stuff that is going viral on the Internet.

I love jogging because it’s beneficial to our health, that goes without saying, and it does not require as much stamina as fast running. Moreover, unlike other forms of exercise, jogging is quite easy to do and it allows me to watch people and things as I pass by. I think it’s really relaxing and inspiring to see the world around us, watching everyone keeping active doing their own thing and feeling part of it all when I’m out jogging.


at a slow /leisurely pace [expression] at a slow speed/ unhurriedly
Example: You can even read at a leisurely pace, as these books have no due dates and can be returned at any time.

build up [phrasal verb] make somebody stronger and fitter
Example: I am training to build up my fitness for the race.

physical fitness [n] general state of health and well-being
Example: Researchers have suggested that physical fitness may play a key role in improving the brain health and academic performance of youngsters.

various [a] many/ several different
Example: She spoke to various members of the club.

stuff [n] items or products in general – informal – without specifying what they are
Example: The shop sells i-pads, laptops and stuff like that.

go viral [idiom] spread quickly and widely among Internet users
Example: “Gangnam Style” is a video that went viral several years ago, even though most of us don’t understand a word of it.

beneficial [a] helpful, useful
Example: The improvement in sales figure had a beneficial influence on the company as a whole.

goes without saying [idiom] be generally accepted or understood
Example: It goes without saying that you will improve your skills with practice.

require [v] need (something)
Example: Skiing at 80 miles per hour requires total concentration.

stamina [n] physical or mental strength that enables you to do something difficult for a long period of time
Example: You need a lot of stamina to run a marathon.

doing their own thing [expression] following their own interests, without worrying about what other people think
Example: When young people leave home to live abroad, they enjoy doing their own thing, because they have more freedom to follow their interests.

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