IELTS Speaking Part 2


Describe someone you know who recently moved to new accommodation
You should say:

who he or she is  
what kind of accommodation they moved to    
and explain why they moved.  


I’m going to share with you a story about one of my friends who recently moved to new accommodation. We had a chance to meet 5 years ago when I travelled to Ho Chi Minh city, and we hit it off pretty well. We have kept in touch with each other regularly since then. And she has now left there for Hanoi because of her upcoming job.

Before moving here, she gave me a call to ask me to help her to find a small apartment in the centre of Hanoi. Fortunately, I knew a person who had one to rent near Hoan Kiem lake. It seemed to fit her needs, I guess, so I sent her some photos of this apartment. Although I still could not be sure if she would like it, it turned out that she was really interested in it.

It is kind of a serviced fully furnished aparment including air conditioner, washing machine, hair dryer – just about everything you can think of. It is about 50 metres square with only one bedroom and modern interior decor. What she really loved was the small balcony with a view of Hoan Kiem lake. She finds it wonderful and relaxing when sitting there and enjoying a cup of coffee after a long stressful day at work. Also she can get to work in almost no time, just about 5 minutes.

My friend and I threw a house warming party for her. At weekends, the three of us tend to get together just to hang out and take it easy. Because she lives away from her family, I have tried my best to help her deal with unfamiliar situations in her new accommodation as much as possible. She is really grateful to me and she treated me to a dinner as a way of thank you.


hit it off: [expression] have a good friendly relationship with someone.
Example: I met some new work colleagues at the office today, and we hit it off straight away.

kept in touch: [expression] maintained contact with someone, by calling or writing to them.
Example: Have you kept in touch with your old friends from university?

upcoming: [adjective] something that will happen soon.
Example: It is not certain who will win the upcoming presidential election.

fit her needs: [expression] be suitable for her.
Example: The course was perfect to fit her needs, because the qualification at the end would enable her to become a teacher.

turned out: [phrasal verb] happened or ended in a particular way.
Example: I was not allowed to enter the country, because it turned out that my visa had expired.

serviced apartment: [noun] services like housekeeping, regular cleaning, parking, security are usually provided.
Example: A serviced apartment provides many of the comforts and conveniences of a hotel room.

just about: [adverb] almost.
Example: Although I only started the course last week, I know just about all of my fellow students.

decor: [noun] the style in which the inside of a building is decorated.
Example: The restaurant has an elegant new decor, including lighter colours and large paintings.

in almost no time: [expression] very rapidly.
Example: If you take the fast train, you should arrive there in almost no time.

house warming party: [noun] a party given by someone who has just moved into a new house.
Example: At my house warming party, I invited all my new neighbours.

hang out: [phrasal verb] spend time in a place, without any special purpose.
Example: I sometimes hang out at my local coffee shop, in case any of my friends call in for a coffee.

take it easy: [expression] relax.
Example: My doctor told me to take it easy and not to do any heavy physical work.

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