IELTS Speaking Part 2


Describe something that you have shared with others (or another person)
You should say:

what you shared  
who you shared it with.    
why you shared it  
And explain how you felt about sharing it  


Well, I’m kind of an introverted person so I do not tend to share my stories with others. The only person I fully trust to confide in is my best friend from secondary school, because we have been close for over 10 years.

At my first year in university, I was a little bored with the major that I had been studying, because it was not exactly what I had signed up for at first. I meant to apply for the commercial English department, but unfortunately I did not have a high enough score and, therefore, business management was my second choice. A lot of thoughts crossed my mind at that time, like this major was not really my thing, I would not be able to make it and similar
negative feelings.

I was really depressed and eventually turned to her to ask for help. We had a conversation and she helped me analyze my interests, personality, strengths and weaknesses, which allowed me to reach a decision by myself. As a result, I kept studying my major and made time for learning English besides. As we enjoyed such a close relationship, I felt really reassured when I received her useful advice.

Now, I’m a final-year student at university, I am pleased with my decision, thanks to her. She really is my best friend, always stays by my side and never turns her back on me, and I treasure our friendship a lot.


introverted: [adjective] more interested in your own thoughts and feelings than in spending time with other people.
Example: As John never interacted with others in class, his teachers considered him to be an introverted student.

confide in: [phrasal verb] tell someone personal secrets or information because you believe that you can trust them.
Example: Whenever she had a problem, she confided in her mother.

close: [adjective] knowing someone very well and liking them very much.
Example: I have always been close to my grandfather, and I visit him regularly.

sign up: [phrasal verb] arrange to do a course of study by adding your name to the list of people doing it.
Example: I decided to sign up for extra English classes to help me with my business course.

crossed my mind: [expression] came into my mind.
Example: This morning, it crossed my mind that I need to see my tutor tomorrow.

not my thing: [expression] not something that I like to do.
Example: I don’t want to go to the concert, because listening to rock music is not really my thing.

be able to make it: [expression] be able to succeed in something.
Example: I was surprised to win the competition – I never thought I’d be able to make it.

depressed: [adjective] feeling sad and without hope.
Example: He felt depressed when he failed the exam, but now he is determined to succeed next time.

reach a decision: [expression] decide something after some difficulty.
Example: I was not sure whether to visit Thailand or Singapore, but finally I reached a decision – I would go to Singapore.

reassured: [adjective] feel less frightened or anxious.
Example: The doctor told him that the medical tests were OK, so he felt very reassured.

turns her back on: [expression] rejects someone that she is close to.
Example: She never turns her back on the people in her family – she is always ready to support them.

treasure: [verb] have or keep something that is very valuable to you.
Example: Although he is no longer living, I will always treasure my memories of my grandfather.

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