IELTS Speaking Part 2


Describe the member of your family who you spend the most time with
You should say:

who it is  
when you are usually together    
what you do together  
And explain why you spend the most time with this member of your family 


Today, I am going to share with you a family member who I spend most of my time with. That is my /father/mother/older sister/brother/cousin…

My father/mother/older sister/brother/cousin… is a very considerate and thoughtful person. When I was small, he/she usually took good care of me; taught me good lessons and never let me out of his/her sight. Even now, whenever I have a bad day, he/she has always been there for me, and helps me get through it.

As I have got older, my father/mother/older sister/brother/cousin… has become my best friend. I can share my interests, my career plans or even things about my love life with them – in fact, anything at all. Especially when I am down, he/she gives me the encouragement that I need to move on. To me, he/she is a role model whom I always look up to/admire/and follow in his/her footsteps.

He/she constantly reminds me that I have to try my best in everything I choose to pursue so that I can achieve my goal in this life. Thanks to his/her advice, I have made significant progress in my personal life in general.

Although, of course, I love all my family, because he/she is so special to me, I think that we will always keep in touch, just as we do now almost every day.


considerate: [adjective] always thinking of the wishes and feelings of other people. Example: My mother is very considerate when guests come to visit our house and she always offers some food or something to drink.

thoughtful: [adjective] showing that you think about other people and care about them.
Example: A good teacher should be kind and thoughtful.

take care of: [verb] to provide the things which you need for your protection and health.
Example: A lot of patience is necessary when you take care of very young or very old people.

let me out of his sight: [expression] he/she always kept me where they could see me – they protected me all the time.
Example: She never lets her daughter out of her sight.

be there for: [expression] to be available if somebody wants to talk to you or needs your help.
Example: If I was in trouble, my parents were always there for me.

get through: [expression] to successfully deal with a problem or overcome a difficulty.
Example: I would find it hard to get through the day if I had no friends to talk to.

down: [adjective] sad, unhappy.

move on: [verb] to make progress by starting something new.
Example: After I pass the exam, I want to move on to the next step in my career.

role model: [noun] a person that you admire and try to copy.
Example: Parents are a child’s most important role models.

follow in the footsteps of: to do the same job or to have the same style of life.
Example: She works as a journalist, following in her father’s footsteps.

try my best: [expression] to do as much as possible to achieve something.
Example: I will try my best to achieve my goal.

Thanks to: [expression] As a result of/with the help of their advice, I made progress in my studies and my career.

keep in touch: [expression] to maintain contact with somebody so that I know what is happening.

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